Scan to BIM

Building Information Modelling is fast becoming the standard for the construction industry. Most BIM platforms were originally intended for the construction of new buildings. However, the need to retain and remodel existing buildings provides a significant and growing market. Accurate measured surveys have long been recognised as an important part of the renovation, design and facilities management process and have a fundamental role in BIM of existing buildings.

Our expertise is in modelling existing buildings in a BIM platform – Survey to BIM or Scan to BIM. We provide geometrically correct ‘BIM ready’ Revit models derived from accurate survey data. Our team have been working with point clouds in Revit since 2006. Our BIM-ready models are used as the foundation for any BIM project involving existing buildings and structures.

Our professional and efficient approach will help ensure your project runs smoothly. We understand that a clear and unambiguous specification is key to a successful project and the importance of good communication with the client from the outset. We work with the project team to provide a specification that meets the needs of all within the project budget. Our level of detail guide and model checklist ensure clients understand the process and product. Our in-house team are always available to discuss the project at any stage of the process.